26 Years and Counting

Dive into some interesting information about the company and the journey Red Bull had throughout the last 26 years.

How it all began

Inspired by functional drinks from the Far East, Dietrich Mateschitz founded Red Bull in the mid 1980's. He created the formula of Red Bull Energy Drink and developed the unique marketing concept of Red Bull. In 1987, on April 1, Red Bull Energy Drink was sold for the very first time in its home market Austria. This was not only the launch of a completely new product, in fact it was the birth of a totally new product category. Today Red Bull is available in more than 166 countries and around 40 billion cans of Red Bull have been consumed so far.

In 2013 we sold more than 5.3 BILLION cans.

The high points of Red Bull's 2013 were once again winning both the constructors' and drivers' Formula 1 championships – picking up both titles for the fourth successive year – as well as successes in soccer and the victory of the Red Bull-backed "Team USA" in the America's Cup.


As of the end of 2013, Red Bull employed 9,694 people in 166 countries - compared to the end of 2012 when we had 8,966 employees in 165 countries.

In 166Countries around the world

In terms of further expansion, Red Bull is targeting the core markets of Western Europe and the USA and growth markets in the Far East, while also focusing on the ongoing world-wide roll-out of the Red Bull Editions. In spite of the still uncertain financial and global economic climate, our plans for growth and investment in 2014 remain very ambitious, envisage a continued upward trend, and – as always at Red Bull – will be financed from the operative cash flow.

+ 5.3 Billion Cans sold

A total of 5.387 billion cans of Red Bull were sold worldwide in 2013, representing an increase of 3.1% against an already very successful 2012. Company turnover exceeded the five billion euro mark for the first time, increasing from EUR 4.930 billion to EUR 5.040 billion. In terms of sales, revenues, productivity and operating profit, the figures were up once again and represent the best in the company's history so far. Such positive figures can be attributed to outstanding sales in the Red Bull markets in India (+55%), Japan (+32%), Turkey (+18%), Scandinavia (+16%), Russia (+13%) and Brazil (+12%), efficient cost management and ongoing brand investment.

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